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Ask Terry your ‘Burning Question’?

“How To Deal With Conflict In The Workplace?”

Because we are all different, and therefore we experience the world differently, conflict is an inevitable fact of life. Whether you argue over where to go to dinner or what movie to see with your spouse, or you disagree with your boss about the newest business-related directive, you experience conflict on a regular basis. Hopefully, it is mostly conflict that is relatively easily resolved; but sometimes, the conflict you experience may be of a major kind. Marriages end because of ongoing conflicts that are never resolved. And if we are totally honest, we recognize that in some instances, even after the divorce papers are signed, individuals hold on to resentments and anger long after the ink has dried.

Workplace conflict can be a minor distraction or it can become so toxic that you dread going to work each day. You should pay attention if you are constantly at odds with co-workers, or you have to restrain yourself from yelling at your boss or walking out in a huff.

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