ConversArt Consulting is a trusted, leading provider of specialized organizational improvement services for national and international clients in the public and non-profit sectors. We work extensively with senior leaders who face operational, policy, program and regulatory challenges in their efforts to enhance performance and achieve organizational transformation.


Through a range of collaborative interventions, ConversArt Consulting engages individuals and groups to augment their capacity to lead change – helping them to enhance communication, meet organizational goals, and contribute to a healthy and productive work environment.


  • Leadership Development - We partner with leaders to identify and address knowledge and skills gaps, and advance learning goals.

  • Strategic Planning and Engagement - We partner with leaders to create a vision and mission statement, along with key priorities, that engage employees and leaders in operationalizing plans into real outcomes and results.

  • Human and Organizational Development - We conduct thorough research to enable the design and development of effective interventions which improve interpersonal relationships and organizational effectiveness.

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