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ConversArt's expertise resides in six key areas of organizational development specialization:

1. Strategic Planning -- Assist clients in conducting analyses and scans that lead to the identification of key drivers, that in turn, help to identify future organizational priorities and objectives for measurable results.  

2. Engagement -- Work collaboratively with organizational leaders, to actively engage their key partners and stakeholders in shaping their strategic agendas and affecting appropriate change.

3. Conflict Management -- Assist individuals and teams in developing processes to use during difficult/challenging situations; encouraging open dialogue and managing differences in a respectful manner.

4. Facilitation -- Engage groups to help them identify and address challenges through structured and adaptive process consultation methodologies that ensure maximum participation and desired outcomes.

5. Coaching / Leadership Development -- Provide evidence-based coaching services to leaders with a particular emphasis on managing and overcoming workplace conflict. 

6. Team Building -- Identify individual and group strengths and vulnerabilities and develop creative ways to build stronger, more resilient and effective teams.

ConversArt Consulting
ConversArt Consulting
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